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Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (29 of 39)
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (36 of 39)
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (24 of 39)
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (35 of 39)
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (37 of 39)
Cable Car Barn and Museum, San Francisco
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (32 of 39)
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (33 of 39)
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Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (26 of 39)
Cable Car Museum
Chinatown Community Plan: A Proposal (22 of 39)
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About 94108 Zip Code

One look at 94108 on a map, and it’ll remind anyone of one of the pieces seen in a jigsaw puzzle. This Zip is surrounded by a number of Zips and lies comfortably nestled in between them. With an estimated population of about 15,000+, it isn’t too crowded.

Mapping It:

94108 Zip is located in the Pacific Time zone at 38 degrees latitude and -122 degrees longitude.

Surrounding It:

Zip 94108’s boundary is formed by Keamey Street which lies to its East; the junction of Market Street and O’Farell Street to its South; a block of Stutter Street all the way to a junction of Jackson Street & Jones Street to its West; and Jackson Street to the North.

Zipping Along:

Zipping alongside are Zips 94133, 94103, 94102 and 94109.

In the Neighborhood:

Neighborhoods that surround and fall under the purview of 94108 include Downtown neighborhood, Chinatown neighborhood, Lower Nob Hill neighborhood, Financial District (FiDi) neighborhood, French Quarter neighborhood, NOMA (NoMa) neighborhood, Nob Hill neighborhood, Union Square neighborhood. San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia. The Chinatown has served as a backdrop for several movies, television shows, plays and documentaries including such hits as The Maltese Falcon, Big Trouble in Little China, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Presidio, Flower Drum Song and The Dead Pool.


  • The Cable Car Barn & Museum

The Cable Car Barn & Museum is a lovely place to visit when in Zip 94108. It is, in essence, a working cable car hub; and it doubles up as a museum with exhibits on cable car history. The Museum gives its visitors a peek into the mechanism and various other aspects that are involved in the running of a cable car system. It also houses artifacts, photographs and various other historical pieces of information. The video created to display the genesis of the cable car system also makes for a must-watch.

  • And With Grace

Zip 94108 is dotted by a number of structures that stand as symbols of the spiritual and religious values of the region and the residents herein. Grace Cathedral, Tin How Temple, Chapel of Grace, Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Chi Sin Buddhist and Taoist Association, Chinese Baptist Church, Chinese Independent Baptist Church of San Francisco, Chinese United Methodist Church, Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church are just some of the names that come to mind when one thinks of this Zip. The Old Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic Church. During time of Wars and uncertainty, it used to double up as a haven for those looking to get a cup of coffee, write a letter or eat a meal. The Center provided parties, dances, shows, holiday celebrations and friendly volunteers for conversation.

  • Park-ing Spaces

When it comes to parks and recreational grounds, Zip 94108 seems to lack too many examples. However, it does house a few parks like the Chinese Recreation Center, Chinese Children’s Playground and the better known Huntington Park.

Wine & Dine:

Grab a quick bite or enjoy a full course meal at a few restaurants in this Zip:

  • R & G Lounge
  • Uncle Vito's Pizzeria
  • Nob Hill Cafe
  • Cafe Claude
  • Cafe de la Presse
  • Sam Wo

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